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GOYA/JOY Junior Orthodox Youth/ Greek Orthodox Youth of America

goya group

Traditionally JOY is for youth in grades 4-8 and GOYA is for 9-12. However our church is small and our youth know each other well so we combined the two groups into one. The goal of our group is to grow in our Orthodox faith and develop a deeper sense of community. We participate/initiate service projects that support our church and its ministries. And we spend time supporting each other and having fun experiences together.


youth groupYAL (Young Adult League)

An organization of young adults in the Church in the age category of 18 to 35 (approximately). Connecting in Christ and fellowship, young adults meet at diocesan gatherings, multiple parish activities, Bible studies, spritual growth, and national confereneces. This is where it all happens! For more information visit their web site at www.yal.org.


Ladies Philoptochos Societyphiloptochos

Our mission, from its foundation 83 years ago, was to help new immigrants to adjust to this country, and eventually grew to assist students, and demonstrate local and international philanthropy. They promote the Greek Orthodox Faith, through supporting our local parishes with also welcoming visitors and new members. And we make great baklava!    

food pantryVolunteer Work at Grace Episcopal Homeless Shelter

MISSION -Extending our helping hand to the larger community. We have been a long term participant of the Grace Episcopal Church Food Pantry providing life supporting assistance to the homeless in Madison